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We're committed to helping those in need through our Thrive Initiative!  5% of each online sale goes to a group of charities focused on creating social and environmental change in Chicago!

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Well-Vibes Organic is committed to providing the highest quality Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil products to help you improve your physical and mental performance!  Well-Vibes Organic's mission is to help you reinforce YOUR wellness routine by upgrading the body's recovery capacity so you can do the activities you love longer!

We understand the need for quality from plant to the oil.  That's why we've partnered with a vertically integrated, GMP certified manufacturer who abides by 100% organic farming practices and is committed to creating the best quality product possible.  This means you can expect consistent results every time you choose one of our products!

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"The tincture provided by well-vibes organic has a noticeable impact on my anxiety levels.  I appreciate having a product that can help get me in a better frame of mind to tackle the tasks of the day.  As a wellness professional it is important that I approach my clients with a calm and clear mind, which is what the full spectrum CBD tincture from Well-Vibes is meant to provide"

Dominic Wardzala (valued customer)


"I used the CBD salve for a pain in my back at work.  I could feel the pain subside and my body relax immediately"

Jason Goldberg (valued customer)


"I can feel the knot in my stomach immediately relax using the Well-Vibes Organic 500mg tincture.  I bought some for my son to take to school for his anxiety!"

Erin Denardis (valued customer)


"My mother has been having knee pain for years and she felt better than ever after using the Well-Vibes recovery salve.  She wants to know if you can buy it in tubs!"

Leslie Garrett (valued customer)


"I use the tincture and salve for my daughter’s aches and pains from gymnastics"

Melissa Delporte (valued customer)