Dosage and Duration Tips

I’ve been asked many times about what the proper dosage is for hemp based CBD extracts.  My answer is always; the minimum effective dose for relief.  Although mass media is trying to make cannabis extracts out to be some wonder drug, it’s really just an herbal supplement.  In the world of herbal supplements, there is not a universal dose that everyone should take, because everyone everyone reacts differently to naturally occurring compounds like CBD and all other cannabinoids and terpenes found in the cannabis plant.  What we do know about dosing is that most CBD products you’ll find on the market will be nearly impossible to “overdose” because natural herbal supplements that are considered non-toxic work much gentler than pharmaceuticals.  In the instance of natural herbs, micro dosing and dose variability are the best ways to consume.  
Micro Dosing
Many people believe that we need to feel a dramatic change for a substance to be working.  This is because our culture typically focuses on treating emergencies and places little emphasis on preventing them.  We are starting to understand through research, however, that preventing disease and treating a disease effectively is always determined by how well balanced our bodies are.  When we talk about balance, we are referring to a balancing stressors to keep the body resilient.  In regards to resiliency, we are trying to achieve two goals:
  1. absence of disease state
  2. regulation of disease state 
When micro dosing dosing gentle herbs, taking the herb without experiencing a symptom can be helpful in preventing symptoms, especially when paired with a healthy and balanced lifestyle.  Micro dosing for prevention is typically less than dosing for regulation of symptoms.  Dosing for regulation is very much dependent on the severity of the symptoms, the pathology of the symptoms as well as the sensitivity of an individuals endocannabinoid system.
Dose Variability
With all of that being said, dosing is all about finding what works for you. Common dosages of CBD between 15mg and 100mg a day are minuscule dosages compared to studies where researchers dose participants up to 1200mg daily for months without observing any serious side effects.  My recommendation then is to first figure out why you’d like to try CBD, which method you’d like to use to consume CBD, then start with the recommended dosage for that product.  If you feel that a symptom is more intense a particular day, you can take a larger dose, cutting back down to your recommended dosage once the symptom subsides.
Onset and Duration
Onset and duration of products are important to understand when choosing the best product for you.  The onset time is how long it takes for the effects to kick in, while the duration is how long the effects last.  The most researched backed effects of CBD products are; anxiety relief, pain relief, sleep improvement and muscular relaxation.  If you want instant relief from anxiety you may want to look at inhalation methods such as using a vape pen, as the effect is instantaneous.  If you want long lasting effect and are taking your CBD first thing in the morning, then oral ingestion is a great choice.  Sublingual application is the usage of tinctures to carry deliver the compounds through the salivary glands, which has a faster onset than oral and a longer duration than inhalation.  If you are looking for joint relief or muscular relaxation, then a topical might be what you want.  The most common ingestion methods are listed below:
Onset Time: 30min - 60min
Duration: 4hrs - 6hrs
Onset Time: 10min - 30min
Duration: 3hrs - 4hrs
Onset Time: Immediate
Duration: 1hr - 3hrs
Onset Time: Immediate
Duration: Varied
To recap, dosages of hemp based CBD products vary person to person and the most important thing is that you find the best method that works for you personally.  Most hemp based CBD products on the market don’t contain nearly enough CBD to cause any negative side effects unless you’re taking a pharmaceutical that is contraindicated; it’s best to check with your physician before ingesting CBD products if you are currently taking blood thinning medication.  You want to start with the recommended dosage for a particular product with the goal of using the smallest dosage that gives you relief.  Focusing on implementing a healthy lifestyle will amplify the effectiveness of CBD drastically!